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Fox Valley Models 20303 HO SSW EARLY GP60 #9632 w/LokSound V5
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Fox Valley Models 20303 HO SSW EARLY GP60 #9632 w/LokSound V5

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Fox Valley Models
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Fox Valley Models #20303

Shop installed: LokSound V5 with custom tuned sound file & large self contained cube speaker.

Bulletin: EMD 16-710G3A T

Manufacturer: ESU, Item number: S0731, Version: V2-R2

Recorded from a EMD GP60

The EMD 710 is a line of diesel engines built by Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD). Introduced in 1985, the 710 series replaced the earlier EMD 645 series. Since its introduction, EMD has continually upgraded the 710G diesel engine. Power output has increased from 3,800 horsepower on 1985's 16-710G3A to 4,500 horsepower on 2012's 16-710G3C-T2. Over the production span of certain locomotive models, upgraded engine models have been fitted when these became available. For example, an early 1994-built SD70MAC had a 16-710G3B, whereas a later 2003-built SD70MAC would have a 16-710G3C-T1.


GP60, GP60M, GP60B, SD60, SD60M, SD60I, SD60F, Austrailian National AN Class

Although recorderd from a GP60, this file would be a close match for the following locomotives:


File also contains an "Isolation Switch" Mode on F15 when Standing Still.
Pressing F15 while not moving will lower the prime mover and lock the motor. F15 must be turned off to begin moving.

Another Mode is "Reverser In Center Position". When pressing F24 while stopped, the motor will lock so you can throttle through the notches like the prototype in neutral. F24 must be turned off to begin moving.

This project has "Run 8" mode. When turning on F26 with F28 off, the prime mover goes to run 8. Turning off F26 returns the prime mover sounds back to normal mode.

This project has "Coast" mode. When turning on F27 with F28 off, the prime mover goes to idle for coasting purposes. Turning off F27 returns the prime mover sounds back to normal mode.

You can still use F26 and F27 for manual nothing. You have to keep both F26 and F27 off before pressing F28 to turn on manual notching. Once F28 is on, you can use F26 to notch up and F27 to notch down. F26, F27, and F28 must be turned off to return to normal mode.

This file is also equipped with a Smart Start feature that cycles the prime mover on and off at intervals of your choice if the throttle is left at Idle and the loco is stopped.

Smart Start (Sound CV14):
CV168=0 No Smart Start Cycle - Default
CV168=1 - 3 Minute Cycle
CV168=2 - 6 Minute Cylcle
CV168=3 - 9 Minute Cylcle
CV168=4 - 12 Minute Cylcle
CV168=255 - 765 Minute Cycle

Horns (SoundCV9):
CV163=0 Nathan P5
CV163=1 Nathan K5LA
CV163=2 Nathan M3H
CV163=3 Leslie RS-2M
CV163=4 Nathan K3HA
CV163=5 Nathan K3L
CV163=6 Nathan K3H
CV163=7 Nathan K5H
CV163=8 Nathan P5A
CV163=9 Nathan P5 (Old Cast)
CV163=10 Nathan M3RT1
CV163=11 Leslie S3L
CV163=12 Leslie S5T
CV163=13 Nathan K5LR24
CV163=14 Leslie S5TRF

Bells (SoundCV10):
CV164=0 EMD 8475495 Steel Bell 037
CV164=1 EMD 8475495 Steel Bell 046
CV164=2 EMD 8475495 Steel Bell 056
CV164=3 Graham-White E-Bell 006
CV164=4 Graham-White E-Bell 009

Brake Squeal (SoundCV11)
CV165=0 Composition Shoe #1
CV166=1 Composition Shoe #2

Air Dryer (SoundCV12)
CV166=0 GP60 Air Dryer 1
CV166=1 SD60E Air Dryer 2
CV166=2 SD70M-2 Air Dryer 3
CV166=3 SD70MAC Air Dryer 4

Key Functions Sound slots Volume CVs Volume values
F0 Headlights Front/Rear
F1 Bell 4 283 60
F2 Horn 3 275 128
F3 Coupler 5 291 60
F4 Dynamic Brake 6 299 75
F5 Rotary Beacon
F6 Aux1-Aux2 Front Ditchlights Flashing by default
F7 Flange Squeal 23 435 30
F8 Prime Mover, Traction Motor, Starting Delay 1, 19, 25, 26 259, 403, 451, 459 100, 30, 70, 60
F9 Drive Hold
F10 Independent Brake 11 339 30
F11 Radiator Fan 8 315 30
F12 Dimmer
F13 Number Boards
F14 Hand Brake 14 363 50
F15 Isolation Switch 21 419 30
F16 Air Dryer On Shutdown
F17 Brake Set/Release Automatic 29 483 30
F18 Sanding Valve 13 355 20
F19 Short Air Let Off 24 443 80
F20 Compressor 7 307 40
F21 Air Dryer 17 387 80
F22 Cab Door 15 371 70
F23 Engine Compartment Doors 16 379 70
F24 Reverser Center 20 411 30
F25 Shutters Open/Closed 32 507 30
F26 Manual Notching Up / Run 8
F27 Manual Notching Down / Coast
F28 Manual Notching Logic 27 467 20
F29 Automatic Brake Emergency 9 323 30
F30 Automatic Brake 10 331 30
F31 Soundfader


Cotton Belt SSW #9632 (gray, red)

Highly detailed with numerous separately applied details plus smooth, powerful drive.

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