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Athearn Genesis HO SD45-2 with DCC & Sound HATX #909
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Athearn Genesis HO SD45-2 with DCC & Sound HATX #909

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  • All-new LED lighting
  • Rubber MU hoses for durability
  • Models equipped with DCC+Sound will have the new 645E3 20-cylinder prime mover recording by SoundTraxx

The effort continues to enhance Athearn Genesis models per customer requests and feedback. There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes; we’re excited to include new features often requested, to the SD45-2 and upcoming Genesis models.



  • Windwings per prototype
  • Nose mounted headlight
  • Small anticlimber
  • Standard height Intertial hatch, exhaust stack, fan housings
  • Black or white numberboards per prototype
  • Firecracker or Sinclair antenna per prototype
  • 3-or-5 chime horn per prototype
  • Frame mounted bell
  • Commonly used in lease service starting in the late 1980s. Prototype railroads would lease locomotives during power shortages and traffic upturns. These particular units were leased to several eastern roads including Grand Trunk Western and CSX.


  • Safety tread on walkways
  • Fine-scale handrails for scale appearance
  • Factory applied wire grab irons
  • Windshield wipers
  • See through cab windows
  • Detailed and painted cab interior
  • Sliding side cab windows
  • Metal lift rings
  • Fully-assembled and ready-to-run
  • DCC-ready features Quick Plug™ plug-and-play technology with a 21-pin NEM connector
  • Scaled from prototype resources including drawings, photographs, and more
  • Accurately painted and printed paint schemes
  • Body mounted McHenry operating scale knuckle couplers
  • Genesis driveline with 5-pole skew wound motor, precision machined flywheels, and multi-link drivetrain for trouble free operation
  • All-wheel drive with precision gears for smooth and quiet operation
  • All-wheel electrical pickup provides reliable current flow
  • Wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track
  • New LEDs for trouble free operation
  • Bi-directional constant lighting so headlight brightness remains constant
  • Heavy die-cast frame for greater traction and more pulling power
  • Packaging securely holds for the model for safe storage
  • Minimum radius: 18”
  • Recommended radius: 22”


  • Onboard DCC decoder with SoundTraxx Tsunami2
  • Sound units operate in both DC and DCC
  • Some functions are limited in DC
  • Engine, horn, and bell sounds work in DC
  • All functions NMRA compatible in DCC mode
  • Slow speed control
  • Program a multiple unit (MU) lash up with lead unit only horn, bell, and lights
  • Many functions can be altered via Configuration Value (CV) changes
  • CV chart included in operators manual
  • For a complete list of features, visit
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