Rapido HO Amtrak E8A "Day 1" Black Paint Scheme LokSound DCC
2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Amtrak, the US national passenger network. Amtrak has defied all the odds to reach this incredible milestone, and it’s important that we celebrate this tremendous achievement. In celebration, Rapido is honored to offer a...
Rapido HO Amtrak Phase IV Class B-100-40 Plug Door Boxcar (3-Pack)
Amtrak 70003, 70008, 70030 Detail Variations: As operated from 1997 to 2004 3-pack includes the following numbers, all individually packaged: #70003 #70008 #70030 Introducing the all new Rapido HO scale Pacific Car & Foundry B-100-40 boxcar! With 250 cars delivered...
Kato HO Superliner I Coach-Baggage Amtrak 31035 (Phase VI; silver, blue, red)
A must for every modern Amtrak Superliner train, the ready-to-run Kato Superliner I Diner is based on the standard long-distance cars used on many longer Amtrak runs. Patterned after the highly successful Santa Fe Hi-Level double-deck cars, the Superliner I...
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Walthers Proto HO Gunderson Rebuilt All-Purpose 40' Well Car-TTX DTTX #455696 (Forward Thinking Logo)
A must-have for modeling contemporary intermodal operations, WalthersProto Gunderson Rebuilt All-Purpose 40' Well Cars make it easy to add these distinctive cars to your HO roster! The prototypes were built from obsolete 48' well cars by removing eight feet from...
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