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Atlas HO 68' Flat Car Union Pacific #915816 (Maintenance-of-Way)
Features: Side stake pockets Simulated tie-loops Fishbelly center-sill Prototypical pull-plates and lift rings
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Walthers Proto HO Gunderson Rebuilt All-Purpose 40' Well Car-TTX DTTX #457279 (Forward Thinking Logo)
A must-have for modeling contemporary intermodal operations, WalthersProto Gunderson Rebuilt All-Purpose 40' Well Cars make it easy to add these distinctive cars to your HO roster! The prototypes were built from obsolete 48' well cars by removing eight feet from...
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Atlas 85' Trash Container Flatcar with 4 MSW Containers - Ready to Run -- Covanta 60145 (gray) with OVAU 60151, 60592, 60646, 60858 (blue)
An increased use of shipping containers during the 1970s led to new designs of railway cars for carrying them. The standard cars used at the time were full plate-deck 85' and 89' flat cars with 70-ton trucks. However, each 20-foot...
$55.99 $42.98
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