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Testors Liquid Cement for Plastic 1oz
Description  281215 (gray carded) - 1 oz. Liquid Cement for Plastics; Use for polystyrene, ABS, acetate, plexiglas and many other plastics; Dissolves plastic to form bond.   
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Testors Plastic Model Cement , Carded, 5/8oz
Description   3512A - 7/8 oz. Cement for Plastics; Use for polystyrene and ABS plastic.   
Testors Super Glue
Description   3517CT (blue carded) - 1/5 oz. Super Glue; Fast drying general purpose glue; Great for gluing all materials.  
Woodland Scenics SceneArama Scenic Spray Glue
Description Use to adhere landscape materials to terrain, affix foliage to tree armatures and seal your project when finished. 1.84 fl oz (54.4 mL)
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