Atlas Master HO 42' DLRX Coil Car Photo Review

The increased volume of coiled steel transportation gave rise to a new purpose-built freight car. Previously rolls of coiled-steel had generally traveled in specially equipped gondola cars. In the 1960’s a lighter type of car emerged specifically for hauling coils of steel in an integral trough. The car type gained popularity and eventually over 17,000 cars were built. Atlas’ model replicates a 42’ design with a distinctive fish belly side sill.

Special Trough Design Prevents coils from rolling
Low Side Profile Easy loading/unloading with all equipment handling (i.e. Coil Grab, C hook, Forklift, Sling)
Steel Floor Allows to load hot coils
Inside Car Length Range from 40 to 53 ft.
Outside Extreme Height Range from 7 to 8 ft.
Approximate Load Factor Range from 176,000 to 186,000 lbs.
Total Weight on Rail 263,000 lbs.


Removable hood that reveals detailed floor


Top view (hood on). See through walkways & separately applied parts


"B" end details


"A" end details


Prototypically correct Norfolk Southern logo removed and DLRX patch.


Detailed side view


Hood lifting point.

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